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Quick reference to scientific terms and jargons for a wide range of science subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, earth sciences etc. Words highlighted in bold italic means further reference is available in this dictionary.

Currently, there are 744 entries.

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If you are looking for a specific chemical, please refer to Chemicals section.
If you are looking for an element, please refer to the Periodic Table of the Elements section.

Subject Abbreviations

Agriculture Agri.
Astronomy Astron.
Chemistry Chem.
Computers Comp.
Biology Biol.
Biochemistry Biochem
Botany Bot.
Ecology Eco.
Electronic Elec.
Engineering Eng.

Food Science Food Sci.
Geology Geol.
Mathematics Math.
Medical Med.
Meteorology Meteor.
Mineral extractions Min. Ext.
Mineralogy Min.

Physics Phys.
Space science Space
Toxicology Tox.
Zoology Zool.

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