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Moment of truth
The word 'nanotechnology' is first coined by University of Tokyo researcher Norio Taniguchi back in 1974.

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black body radiation Phys.
The radiation emitted by a perfect black body, which absorbs all radiation incident on it and reflects none. The wavelength dependence of the radiated energy density r is given by

black body radiation equation

where l is the wavelength, h is the Planck's constant, c speed of light, k Boltzmann constant and T is the temperature. In other words, the radiation that is in thermal equilibrium with matter at a fixed temperature.

black death Med.
A popular name for the bubonic/pneumonic/septicemic plague, coined by the English, that infected people in Europe in the middle of 14th century.

black dwarf Astron.
An old star at its final stage of the stellar evolution. It is small, very dense, cool dead star that reaches its lowest energy state and does not radiate. It could belong to the member of MACHO. However, black dwarf has not been observed (or detected). This could be because it is thought to evolve from white dwarfs that take a long time to cool, even longer than the current estimate age of the universe.

blackhat Comp.
A person that uses computer and Internet skills to explicitly commit malicious ends in order to cause destruction to the computer usage by means of writing computer viruses or carry out attacks on web site in order to disrupt its connectivity. Also refers to a person who carry out criminal activities such as stealing credit card details and other financial information with computer viruses or phishing.

blue john Min.
A rare natural variety of mineral fluorite with characteristic blue and white streaks. It is found only near Castleton, Derbyshire, England. It is worked for ornamental purposes. The name blue john is derived from French bleu jaune, meaning blue yellow

blue vitriol Chem.
A common name for copper sulfate pentahydrate crystal.

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