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Moment of truth
The fastest man-made object that ever leave the Earth is the Pinoeer 10 spacecraft, launched in 1972, and attained a speed of more than 32000 mph.

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sial Geol.
The granite rocks that form the Earth's continental crust. The rocks contain mainly silicon and aluminium, of which the name is derived from these element symbols (Si and Al respectively). Sial is less dense and therefore forms continental land that 'floats' on top of the Earth's mantle.

sima Geol.
The basalt rocks that form the Erath's oceanic crust. It consists of material rich in silicon (in the form of silica) and magnesium, of which the name is derived from these elements (silicon and magnesium). Being slightly denser than the continental sial, sima forms the ocean basins and generally thinner, less than 10 km.

SIMM Comp.
Abbreviation for Single Inline Memory Module. It is a modular circuit board with dynamic RAM (DRAM) memory chips soldered on one side. The computer memory has to install in pairs by direct insertion into a computer memory expansion socket. SIMMs usually come in two versions. The earlier version had 30 connectors or pins made of tin or gold and the module is 3.5 inches long. This was later replaced with the 72-pin version which is 4.25 inches long. SIMM has a 32 bit data path and is generally used in PC with 486 processor or some old Pentium processors.

sintering Chem., Eng.
The process of compacting powdered material at high temperature but below its melting point in order to fuse the particulate material together to form a single rigid shape. For example, materials that commonly being sintered are cermaic oxides, glass, metals and alloys.

site-direct mutagenesis Biochem.
Technique that alters a protein at a defined position, several positions or deletions of entire domains. It often requires a high-resolution three-dimension protein structure from X-ray crystallography to determine the alteration which can be achieved using ss DNA templates, ds denature DNA templates etc.

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