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Moment of truth
As at 2005, the major source of antioxidants in the US diet is coffee, followed by tea, bananas and dried beans.

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white dwarf Astron.
A star that has exhausted most or all of its nuclear fuel and has collapsed to a very small size. Atoms are tightly packed together and a typical gravitational strength can be over 100 000 times the surface gravity of the Earth. Such a star is near its final stage of life.

whitehat Comp.
A person (hacker) that uses computer and Internet skills with intention to thwart malicious hackers (blackhat). He or she also identify any security vulnerability in the code and patch it in order to prevent exploitation by malicious hackers.

Wilson's disease Med.
A rare hereditary disease in which excessive amounts of copper are deposited in the body, especially in th eliver. The copper build up that subsequently releases to blood stream can damage kidneys, eyes and other body systems. Can cause death if not treated. The disease is usually treated with the use of copper-removing drugs such as D-penicillamine or trientine hydrochloride.

WIMP Phys.
The acronym for Weakly Interacting Massive Particle. It is a type of 'exotic' non-baryonic, neutral sub-atomic particle that is weakly interacting. It can be massive, perhaps with a mass greater than the neutrons. These characteristics allow WIMPs to pass through any solid objects with negligible hindrance and the detection of such particles are very difficult. To date (as at 2002), WIMPs has yet to be detected and they are thought to be one of the possible condidate to be responsible for the missing matter (the dark matter) in the Universe.

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